Why Us?

At Zoonique we have a genuine passion for wildlife, adventure and travel. Any spare time that we have is spent in the great outdoors searching for the wonderful wildlife of the U.K and abroad.

Ease: We take away the stress of planning your ideal holiday as we have all the tools, knowledge and experience to create your dream itinerary. With our door-to-door service we can take care of all your travel arrangements in one package for one price.

Experience: The Zoonique team is widely travelled and has visited many locations to experience an abundance of flora and fauna. We can apply this extensive knowledge when designing your personal itinerary. The tours that we offer are hand-selected and include trips that we have undertaken and loved ourselves.

‘Go Watch Wildlife’ discount: There is certainly nothing better than going out and watching wildlife and at Zoonique we are trying to encourage more people to do this both locally and abroad. If you are looking to book a holiday with Zoonique then please advise us beforehand if you would like to attempt to acquire the ‘Go Watch Wildlife’ discount. Initially you will provide us with your postcode and we will subsequently provide you with a list of 3 local species that you have to photograph within 3 weeks. For each species you can provide a photograph for we will discount 1% of your overall holiday price. A discount on your wildlife watching holiday by going out and watching wildlife what could be better? *

Returning customer bonus: A loyalty bonus is offered to all our returning clients. This applies to all our trips and we will remove 2% of your overall tour price each time you rebook with Zoonique Wildlife Travel. This is an accumulative discount therefore each time you book your overall price is reduced by a further 2%, the more you book the more you save!

*Terms and conditions apply to all promotions.