A Madagascan Adventure

Madagascar is unique in every sense of the word, with its landscape, flora and fauna being incomparable to anywhere else on planet earth. It is the fourth largest island in the world, splitting from the then supercontinent of Gondwanaland about 160 million years ago. Due to its size, geographical position and isolation it contains a wide array of habitats, this is reflected in the number of endemic species that call Madagascar home, with over 11,000 currently recognised. This tour isn’t so much a holiday as a 2-week adventure through the lush green valleys, rich red highlands and stunning white beaches of Northern Madagascar. The wildlife and landscape that you encounter will be truly unforgettable, but getting to them won’t be simple, as this expedition encompasses hiking, canoeing, rafting, camping and sleeping in tree huts. The Northerly trail that you will undertake begins in the capital, Antananarivo (or Tana’ as the locals call it) and will see you walk, paddle and actively explore the villages, jungles and mangroves of Madagascar for the following 2 weeks. The tour culminates at the stunning beaches of Sakalava. After that it is a return, internal flight back to Antananarivo, the short flight will give you time to reflect on what a memorable place Madagascar truly is.

Why we love this trip

  • This trip has the perfect blend of wildlife watching and off the beaten track exploration.
  • Canoeing along the mangroves of the Sambirano River provides great opportunities to see various avifauna.
  • There is a 2-day trek included to the infamous Ankarana Reserve to see the field of spiky tsingy, an alien-like geological formation like nothing else.
  • Hike amongst the waterfalls, crater lakes and dense rainforest of the world-renowned Montagne D’ambre Reserve.
  • Bush hotels, treehouses and camping means that you can truly immerse yourself in the Madagascan landscape.
  • The dry forests of Montagne des Français are home to impressive Baobab (the “upside-down”) trees.
  • Small groups (maximum of 8) allowing a much more personal experience, with no single person supplement (providing that you are happy to share a room).


Northern Madagascar


May to November

What to look for

Crowned Lemur, Sandford’s Brown Lemur, Perrieri's Sifaka, Dwarf Lemur sp. Madagascan Fish Eagle, Nile Crocodile, Chameleon, Leaf-tailed Gecko, Ring-tailed Mongoose, Fossa, Suarez Baobabs and many more endemic species of birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and flora.

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Reference: SAS-AMA1, Supplement Codes: AT, F