Driving Iceland’s Ring Road

Iceland is a country that is literally shaped by nature and nowhere else will you enjoy a landscape in its rawest form, including crashing waterfalls, glacial lagoons, black sand beaches and fantastic wildlife. The tour centres on driving along Highway 1, this continuous road loops around and whole country and is affectionately referred to as the ‘Ring Road’. You will collect your hire car at Keflavik International Airport and drive along the spectacular Reykjanes Peninsula towards the coastal town of Hveragerði. From here you will get chance to explore the historic ‘Golden Circle’ which encompasses the Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and the geothermal Geysir, before spending the evening close to the black sand beaches and auk colony of Vik. Traversing the Ring Road you will have the opportunity to view Iceland’s dramatic coastlines and discover a range of landscapes from picturesque fishing villages, Europe’s largest Glacier and the volcanic lakes of Mývatn. This crater lake is especially good for seasonal waterfowl and is a good area to see the elusive white morph Gyrfalcon. There is an opportunity to experience a whale watching excursion from Húsavík. This quiet but colourful village is renowned for its cetacean viewing, a range of whale species migrate to Iceland’s coastal waters during the summer months to feed. Your final night will be spent in Reykjavik, giving you the chance to explore Iceland’s exciting and intriguing capital city before returning home the following day.

Why we love this trip

  • One of the few countries in the world whose entire coast you can circumnavigate along one road.
  • Stunning range of habitats to explore.
  • A chance to witness the eruption of Geysir, this is the original geothermal hot water spout for which all others are named.
  • The seasonal influx of waterfowl to Lake Mývatn provide numerous prey choices for the rare white morph Gyrfalcon.
  • Great opportunities to see some of the largest cetaceans in the world, including the Blue Whale.
  • Different seasons bring different natural attractions with winter visitors having a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights.
  • The small population of Iceland often makes it feel like you have the Ring Road to yourself.




8-days, available all year round (June to August is best for whale watching).

What to look for

Humpback Whale, Minke Whale, Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Orca, White-sided Dolphin, Harbour Porpoise, Harbour Seal, Atlantic Puffin, Long-tailed Duck, Arctic Skua, Iceland Gull, White Gyrfalcon, Arctic Fox and much more.

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Reference: RTT-DRR1, Supplement Codes: CH